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Antiviral Sanitation
Professional Antiviral Sanitisation & Disinfection Services in London
  • Certified Antiviral solutions killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses

  • Use of non-toxic BS EN 1276, 13704, 14476, 14675 Certified Virucidal Detergent

  • Fully Trained Technicians with Protective Equipment (full body suits, face masks, gloves, overshoes and safety goggles)

  • Available for Domestic and Commercial Properties in London

  • Emergency and Urgent Bookings Available

  • Decrease the risk of viral and bacterial spread. Call our team today 7 days a week

Professional Home Sanitising Services

Are you looking to greatly reduce the risk of any viral infection? Have your home professionally disinfected with us. We are here to help you. Most of the cleaning products are not made to kill all of the bacteria and viruses from surfaces and furniture. That’s why our Antiviral Sanitisation comes to rescue for eliminating 99.999% of all bacteria and viruses. The treatment has an immediate effect on surfaces and all detergents used pass BS EN 1276.

What will be cleaned:

  • Areas with intensive human interaction (computers, desks, phones, worktops, door handles, light switches, tables, chairs, sinks, toilets etc.

  • Areas of difficulty to reach (behind and underneath furniture, radiators, floors, ceilings, walls, and windows)

Please note that the areas with intensive interaction are manually cleaned by hand using BS EN 1276 non-toxic detergents to ensure these high-risk areas are fully disinfected. Our technician will spray the areas of difficulty with a certified Virucidal cleaner.

We can perform Antiviral Sanitisation service on its own or can be added to any of our other services. Our experienced staff is working 7 days a week to clean and disinfect houses and business in London. Our team wears full body suits, face masks, gloves, overshoes and safety goggles to protect themselves and you from spreading bacteria and viruses. We use only appropriate products that are non-toxic and safe for your family and pets. Our experts are available and ready to help you to create a more hygienic environment.

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